How much of the 50mg Snuggle Bite can I consume to feel the effect?

The effects of Medical cannabis vary from patient to patient and can be influenced by age, gender, metabolism, organ function, and tolerance, Some patients feel the effects of edibles after consuming 5mg where as others may require 100mg. If you are new to using medical cannabis edibles we would suggest to start low dose (5mg-15mg) rather than risk being over medicated. Remember the golden rule of edibles, "You can always take more but you can not take less".


Swerve Bars are formulated to have a balance between the THC and other cannabinoids and the herbs and superfoods that provide the ‘direction’ of the experience.
We have 2 dosage levels 10mg single dose and 50mg single dose. Each one is designed to be taken as a single dose (or maybe cut in half into 2 doses). It is the ratio of herbs and thc that gets you the specific effect that the products were designed for.

You can certainly take a 10mg portion of a 50mg bar (1/5 of the package) and you will get high (if your ideal dose is 10mg) however you will not get as much of the benefits of the other herbs.

I recommend that you use the product that is closest to your idea dosage so that you can get all the benefits of the formula– rather than just getting the benefits of the Hash.


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