How often should I apply synergy balm and where is the best place to apply it?

Synergy balm is a topical product that is great for treating chronic pain. It absorbs through the skin, so you would apply to any areas on the body where you notice pain and inflammation. I would start using once a day and gradually increase applications as needed.


It appears that synergy balm is a 1:1, CBD:THC cream and I believe those work best and I encourage you to apply it to your painful area but also to the corresponding spine area. Your brain receives signals that tells you you are in pain and if you want to get rid of the pain symptoms you can apply the balm to the spine to block the signals. Please, remember that you should check with a doctor to be certain there is nothing serious going on before you block the pain signals. If the doctor is planning on prescribing the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cannabis tends to be a far safer option. Consider using the balm on the painful areas and the corresponding areal of the spine every 20 minutes for the first hour and then once an hour and you may be able to get rid of even severe pain, often within one week. If a pain keeps returning your body is telling you to get it checked. I do advise that you consider taking high CBD/ with low THC tincture in addition, to stop inflammation inside your body. The THC stimulates the CBD to work more effectively. If you are waiting to see a doctor there is no reason to not start some treatment to reduce your inflammation.


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