How often should I take high CBD chews?

"I was prescribed Veda Chew gold for numbness in my arms cased by pinched nerve in neck and shoulder. Can I take that every night indefinitely? Does one build up a tolerance level with repeated use that requires higher doses? What research has been done on long term use of the Veda Chews, especially on mental alertness and cognition?"

I can only answer 1 question with 100% certainty. Over time, a tolerance will slowly develop. With herbal medicines it is a turtles walk 1-6 years before tolerance starts becoming noticeable, compared to pharmaceuticals, which can within weeks to months.

Also, your large scale university and corporate research is going to be minimal due to the friction big pharma has caused for natural medicine in mandating R&D that will cost companies up to $40mil to receive FDA approval and the still hesitant federal acceptance of national medical acceptance reduces that ROI even further for many MJ companies.

But I can tell you from 10 years experience in the most comprehensive and scientific natural and herbal based medical system and having owned my own clinic in Peru for 4 years in Peru, if the product is THC, CBD and CBN based mental clarity, normal memory function and focus will maintain normal levels longer than if it is just THC and CBD based. That will depend on the extraction method used for the product and with V chews, I don’t know. If there are other herbs in the chews, this can help as well.

I do know, I am working on solutions for this and have long since had a product that protects the mind from suffering a decrease on alertness and fast memory recall. I also have some other revolutionary products in development and offer consultations to help patients get the most out of their medicnal products and really aim to cover all the risks and causes of while providing solutions to minimize or completely remove an idividuals specific worries.

Different bodies react differently to medicines as they do to administration techniques.  You definitely don’t want to smoke or vape for insomnia or digestion problems.  Yet 65% of people are smoking or vaping in hopes to fight insomnia and then rate a product badly when it doesn’t work while the real problem was they bought the wrong product and were not given proper medical information regarding their needs.

I believe I might know the perfect solution for you, but to be sure I would need a lot more information regarding your exact situation. Still, I hope I was able to offer some help. Your can enhance alertness and cognition with ginkgo Bilbao and ginseng and memory with Ashwanga oils high in omega 9.


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