How to help memory loss and absentmindness — any treatments or strains?

"Without a doubt, the profound memory loss and absentmindedness are the worst effects of my cannabis use. It helps me in so many ways — but these are tough side effects for me. Are there any strains or any difference with edibles or vapors that are better in this regard. If I stop, will I get back some of my very weak memory? Thanks"

The key to any medicine, food or behavior is utilizing the minimum effective dose or "enough is as good as a feast". I would decrease the amount of cannabis you use and only utilize it when necessary. CBD also seems to help decrease some of the "negative" aspects of cannabis use, and I would suggest an outdoor, organic, sun-grown variety. Also try to use a wide variety of strains and methods; inhaled, topical, tinctures, patches, suppositories.


I couldn’t agree more; Well said, Dr. Vanderveer! I like the analogy "enough is good as a feast;" a lot of people imho w/ cannabis may find that a little goes a lot farther than they might think. Moderation is always a good idea even for cannabinoids that might be listed in the literature as less psychoactive


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