How Will CBD Oil Interact With Remicade and Prednisone?

“My daughter has a severe case of CRMO (7+ bone lesions) and Celiac disease. She is currently taking Remicade infusions and 10mg of Prednisone a day. I have started giving her CBD oil because nothing else seems to work for her. She has only been on this for two days and has developed diarrhea and stomach cramps (more than common). I started doing more research and read that CBD can cause interactions with some medications and can alter the effects of what she is on. The last thing I want to do is compromise her getting better, but I would love to find an alternative that works for her that does not have the scary side effects like Remicade and Prednisone. Can you offer suggestions on if and how I should proceed with treating her with CBD oil? We live in Texas so it is difficult to obtain but I am willing to take her anywhere to get her healthy. ”

I am sorry to hear of your problems in treatment especially since I know you want to help your child. There can be interactions with some drugs. CBD does support her immune system from attacking her bones so there could be some conflict from the prednisone since prednisone is given to quiet down the immune system to reduce the symptoms although 10 mg of prednisone is a low dose. The concern of course is that her immune system is being suppressed and it can allow for overgrowth of fungus as well as other pathogens in the G.I. tract.
You might try treating her topically with cannabis salve at the broken bone sites as well as where the nerves go into the spine and you can even massage her abdomen.

CBD may be absorbed through the oral mucosa but it is also important to know exactly what is in your CBD and how was it extracted? Since she has such a sensitive digestive system the type of oil and the extraction process is important since any chemical residue or oils can have an affect on her G.I. tract. If you can get CBD in an oral spray, that may be of benefit to her. Some of the newer super concentrate CBD extracts maybe better tolerated because it is micro dosing and it potentially is less likely to affect her G.I. tract because of the minute amount she would take.

This is a tough dilemma for you as a parent to see your child so sick and the medication is not working but CBD should work and it does have a low side effect potential and is known for stopping inflammatory disease. There should not be a problem with interactions in this case. I would encourage you to be persistent, as you are, in looking for the solution.


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