How will the Ac/DC carts compare to the Electra-tsu on stats? (%THC,CBD, etc?)

I have researched this question but cannot find information on Electra-tsu and wonder if you can provide the parent plant names? If so, and you would like a response please resubmit another question with the information.
AC/DC is a Sativa dominant, non-psychoactive high CBD cannabis that turns out to be 20:1, CBD:THC and the CBD can be up to 19%. Great for pain relief but too much can cause significant relaxation.


Hey there! The Electra-Tsu and ACDC cartridges are both around a 3:1 ratio. The Electra-Tsu had 39% CBD to 14% THC while the ACDC is 52% CBD to 17% THC.

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