How would I take CBD for neuropathy in my hands and feet?

I am just truly sorry to hear that you’re having a chronic neuropathy because that certainly is a painful condition. I recommend that you treat the neuropathy internally as well as externally but please be aware that treating with CBD’s will take time for you to notice the results, keep using your CBD’s. To help with figuring out the proper dosing of CBD’s you may want to look at www.projectcbd.org.
Personally, I love the CBD dominant topical salve in a 2:1 ratio,So I suggest you put that on your hands and feet but also treat your low back and your lower cervical spine to block all the pain transmissions. I have found this works best if you put the salve on every hour during your waking hours and often times within one week you likely will see a dramatic reduction in your pain level.
In addition I do believe vaporized or oral tincture of high CBD would also be of great benefit for you, such as Care By Design 18:1 CBD spray or the vape 18:1 CBD dominant cartridge.
Good luck, pain is too stressful and wearing on us so keep working on making it go away. If you only spot treat and allow the pain to breakthrough you actually may be imprinting your nerves to keep firing pain signals.


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