i actually wanted to ask; if i could get marijuana recommended because i think it actually helps me with my pain

 The overwhelming majority of the estimated one million people who are using marijuana medically in the State of California do so to treat pain. One of the few large population studies conducted in California looked at records from several large medical marijuana clinics to determine the top diagnoses. Pain was number one and back pain topped the list! That is not surprising at all given back pain has driven doctors office appointments and urgent care and emergency department visits historically. This is compounded by the occupational strain of jobs in our society that require extended sitting, standing, driving, lifting and loading.
 You are asking a very intuitive question, however. Is there evidence that marijuana will actually help treat your pain? The answer is resoundly yes. In fact the California Medical Association- the state division of the American Medical Association - once held a press conference to announce the organization's White Paper conclusions on marijuana. The CMA reported that medical marijuana research in difficult to treat neuropathic pain is so favorable it should be considered a first line intervention.


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