I am 78 years old and suffer from chronic headaches, nausea, and neuropathy in my feet.

"I am registered with HelloMD and will receive my cannabis card in a few days via US Mail. Can I come to your location for consultation and cannabis formula recommendation and purchase? I live in Northern California but will be in Palo Alto the end of next week."

I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I am not a doctor but I am part of HelloMD and we are so glad you chose our service. At HelloMD we do not offer personalized consultations for product recommendations at the moment, past our initial consult. You have asked your question on the Le Shoppe business listing, which has a location in Palo Alto. However, they are delivery only.

It sounds as if you need a personalized approach. Two suggestions:

First, if you are located in or around Santa Rosa, you can see one of HelloMD’s favorite doctors, Dr Sharon Olson. If you look within our Trust Pilot reviews you will see how much patients appreciate her advice. You can also check out all of her answers here to see her approach:


Another option is to have a consultation with GreenHealth Consulting, which is run by a woman named Eloise Theisen. She consults with individuals to help them find the best approach for their condition. Given your age and your condition finding the right product and dosage is critical! Here is an article I wrote about Eloise:

Medical Cannabis Counseling: Helping Dementia and Cancer Patients Find Relief

The other option is to go to a dispensary storefront and speak to the staff. If you choose this route, i would go to a dispensary that has a lot of familiarity with medical consumers. The most well known dispensary in all of California is called Harborside. They are located in the East Bay and have a knowledgeable staff.

This answer represents my opinion and I am not a doctor, but I hope this helps you.


I am a physician doing Integrated or Functional medicine and I do offer private services in Northern California since I am based in the Santa Rosa area if you need more personalized care. I do work for HelloMD but our consultation, if you see me locally, will be outside the HelloMD business. I work with a couple other doctors doing consultations for people using cannabis who need additional help with their medicines. The office is listed under Dr Hulter in Santa Rosa at 3806 Sebastopol Ave.


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