I am a 64 yr old man. I have an implant for sexual activity, but it does not work, lots of pain.

"Since using medical cannabis for 4 months for cancer, diabetes and fibro myalgia with great success, I am interested in being sexual without using the pump. I have had "signs" that this may be possible but not a complete erection. Would continued use of medical cannabis (RSO, indica strain vaping, eatables) help me to achieve the ability to be sexual."

Since CBD will reduce any performance anxiety, you may want to add CBD cannabis for daytime use and then use your Indica for sexual activity. CBD may actually help to heal the nerves and that would benefit you also. I would venture to say that you might try some of the topical cannabis designed as a spray for women to increase pleasure but you may want to try it on your penis. Given your age you very likely have had a decline in your HGH level and that affects your ability to function sexually. You could have a 7 AM IGF-1 serum level measured and ideally it should be close to 200 but if it is under 100 you need support. I have helped a lot of men support their IGF-1 naturally but due to constraints I can’t talk about that information here, you would have to contact me outside this website. Do try the cannabis first and you might try interval training to see if it will help your IGF-1 level.
Please be certain you have adequate vitamin D blood levels, above 50 ng/ML for optimal results because of vitamin D and CBD cannabis should correct your fibromyalgia as long as you are not taking supplemental calcium, you should get your calcium from vegetables and leafy greens instead. Also, you want them to measure your total and free testosterone levels at 7 AM. You just may need a little hormonal shifting but you should come back to normal.
If you have had prostate cancer, that is usually do to high estrogen levels in your prostate or exposure to environmental toxins such as glyphosates. You may want to look into the Wiley protocol for men.
Good luck but keep us posted on how you’re doing if you need additional help, since we are here to help you.


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