I am a senior citizen that needs help relaxing and sleeping. Do you have eatables​ cannabis candy?

"I am a senior citizen that needs help relaxing and sleeping. I do not like to smoke. Do you have eatables​
cannabis candy?

We do not carry the products for sale on the HelloMD site although we carry information on existing products that dispensaries that carry products. There are many edibles available on the market today for relaxing and sleeping. My advice would be to go with a low dose edible that will not knock you out. The slogan with edibles tends to be ‘low and slow’ meaning you start at half the recommended dose, wait an hour or two or the night and assess how it worked for you.

Edible are metabolized through your liver and can be more intense than other forms of cannabis, the effects also tend to last longer. Typically, edibles that work best for insomnia are higher in THC, this is usually a balancing act as not enough may not keep you asleep and too much could possibly keep you awake!

Some edible brands that are often used for sleep are: SensiChew and Auntie Dolores. My favorite low dose edible is offered on Sava and is a brand Flora that makes a probiotic cannabis mint chocolate. You can find Sava’s profile here: https://www.hellomd.com/biz/sava Their website is listed in their profile.


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