I am looking for a treatment for lactic acid in muscles after a workout.

"Would this be a good option, or would an internal product be better?"

Walking after exercise, hydration and Vitamin C will reduce the lactic acid in the muscles.
Lactic acid build up can be very dangerous if you are diabetic especially. Lactic acid in the muscles is painful and inflammatory. It is important to treat the inflammation with the above suggestions and add CBD cannabis tincture to stop the inflammation. Inflammation in our body is what increases our risk of dying and that is why we need to stop all the simple carbs, high fructose corn syrup sweetener, stress (yes, even stress causes inflammation with a change in your pH), excessive meats, simple grains and alcohol and long sitting to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases and sudden death.
Keep up the exercise but do treat the lactic acid appropriately to resolve the problem.


I believe a cannabis topical with a high THCA content would be a good option to try out since THCA is one of the most effective cannabinoids for reducing inflammation. There is limited knowledge available to date about THCA as opposed to CBD, Many products currently available on the cannabis market do not contain THCA. We purposely balance our Sweet ReLeaf topical formula to be a 40% THCA and 60% THC blend because it works so effectively to bring down swelling, puffiness, and soreness in the muscles related to inflammation. Along with all the other recommendations made by Dr Olson regarding diet and lifestyle, it would be worth trying to see how a topical might contribute to overall wellbeing after a workout.


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