I am on Avastin for chemotherapy. Would like to try organic ground tumeric for my diabetes.

"The chemo’s I am on are: Avastin, Irenotucan,and 50-FU. I heard that organic ground tumeric is good for inflammation and lowering blood sugar since I also have diabetes but the tumeric also thins the blood. Avastin also thins the blood. Wanted to try the tumeric and see if it would work for me. Should I try it?"

Tumeric is an excellent medicinal herb and is used to treat illness and to ensure wellness through prevention. I would recommend taking it daily. Avastin is designed to prevent angiogenesis by binding to VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), ensuring that it will not bind with the VEGF receptor. This leads to a down-regulation of new blood vessel formation. Many compounds have anti-angiogenic properties, including natural substances such as cannabis. If a tumor does not have a good blood supply, it can regress.


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