I am spending so much money on high CBD low THC tinctures I now want to try to make my own. Any advice?

"I feel fortunate that I have found high CBD/low THC tinctures work for my migraine pain. Unfortunately, I can easily spend $200 a month on just this tincture alone and I still need other medication as well. I would like to try making my own tincture to see if it works and if I can have a cost savings. I am wondering what the best method is alcohol vs glycerin, how to figure out potency as well as dosing ie not taking more than 2.5mg of the in one dose. I’d appreciate any advice based on experience. I am even considering once I create this to get lab testing just to be sure I get it right!"

I may be able to help you. Are you doing a superhigh CBD, low THC, like a 28 : 1 preparation in MCT oil? Typically migraines are controlled at about 15 drops twice daily but you will not obtain the full effect for three weeks. Taking a super concentrated allows you to spend far less money on your CBD medication because you take less medication to achieve the same effect. In addition you must eliminate all the triggers so please see the article I wrote under ‘Answers’ on migraines. Do not take extra calcium but you must take extra vitamin D3 in order to keep your blood level above 50 ng/mL. Once you have a baseline of CBD onboard, you may still get a migraine but it’s very easy to get rid of it. Migraine sufferers have and MAO-A snp in their genetic chart making them very chemically sensitive, and we have a hard time detoxifying so you must leave off all the toxic chemicals. Cigarette smoke and other toxic chemicals can cause a migraine in your emotions, diagnosed as depression. When you eat chemicals allergic to you may have a migraine in your gut, diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome but don’t let the doctors drug that, that is your body communicating with you. If you know you have a terrible pain in your neck and that is warning you the migraine is beginning. Treat your neck with cannabis salve and take a dose of D-ribose in order to stop the migraine before it fully involves. You must eliminate glutamate in your diet because you were extremely glutamate sensitive. You can Google and read about glutamate, The most famous one is monosodium glutamate and we are regularly poisoned in our foods with this chemical and it is neurologically toxic and can kill nerve cells.
Good luck, I know you can do this without having to make your own medicine but you likely are over treating yourself with CBD tincture and you need to be much more diligent with removing toxic chemicals from your environment and your food.


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