I am trying to learn about high CBD low THC strains to help my wife with lower abdominal digestive tract pain.

"We have tried AC/DC but I am thinking that has too little thc I have heard about a strain called the Medic which my be what I am looking for but I can’t find much info about it. Can you help with suggestions."

When I try to look up information on Medic, Leafly comes up with Medicine Woman, Medicine Man and Good Medicine so I wonder if you maybe heard the name incorrectly.
You could look up these strains to see if it would be a good fit but seems like Medicine Woman may be what you desire.
I also want to encourage you to help her by applying a topical CBD dominant salve to her back from her bra line to the tailbone and she can apply the salve to her abdomen at least 3 times per day and with her vaporized medication, within a week, she should have even further reduction of her pain, unless she also needs vitamin D3.
Hopefully, she has had the appropriate medical check up including a pelvic exam but if she has not followed through with seeing a physician, I would highly recommend that you help her accomplish that task for an appropriate diagnosis and tests if indicated.
The best medicine in my opinion is an excellent diagnosis then use all methods of healing that work for you but be open to true healing.


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