I am trying to understand if cannabis can be bad for the liver. And if the method of ingestion matters to the liver.

"I use cannabis for pain management but am also managing a chronic liver disease at the same time. Ironically of course, pharma drugs make things worse for the liver. I have been experimenting with methods of ingestion and sometimes feel like the liver does not love edibles."

Cannabis is not bad for the liver, and in fact has been shown to protect the liver from damage. However a few studies have shown that THC activation of the CB1 receptor can increase fibrosis and other pathological processes, and that CB2 receptor activation has a protective effect. I might not reccomend edibles in your condition, and would instead go with tinctures with a high level of CBD. I would try to find the most pure, chemical and additive free cannabis products, and continue to monitor your reaction to varying ratios of CBD:THC and unique strains.


I discourage the use of edibles when you have known liver disease because anything that goes into the stomach will immediately be picked up by the liver to start processing the medication out of the body. For the best results you want to increase the amount of time the cannabis is in your body before it’s picked up by the liver. Western pharmaceutical drugs tend to be stressful to the point of being harmful to the liver and that includes acetaminophen and most of the pain medicines do contain acetaminophen. Alcohol and to much protein also have the potential to harm the liver in cases of liver disease. If you have liver disease consider doing high CBD cannabis as well as silymarin, the active ingredients in the herb milk thistle and the only substance known to reverse liver disease, to start reversing your liver disease. If you are eating substances that are harmful to you, recognized this and change your ways since you have the option of creating health by being responsible. Using high CBD will calm anxiety and inflammatory disease in your body so I do recommend taking high CBD cannabis in a nonalcoholic tincture twice daily.


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