I am using CBD oil through a pen for the first time…

"…the mouth piece is metal. I find when I cover the airholes and pull for the same amount of time, I get a considerabley bigger pull amd the oil level goes down A LOT faster. Is this bad for me or the proper way to use it? Am I smoking the metal if I do this?"

So, the air comes in for two reasons: 1. to allow you to remove vapor from the cartridge 2. to cool down the coil during regular operation.

The device expects a certain amount of air to keep the coil cool and not overheat. If the cartridge overheats, you may start burning the internals and releasing harmful toxins. You may also break your cartridge.

There may be little risk here, but you really can’t know as you did not build the cartridge yourself. You will get bigger hits this way, but the device was not designed to be supercharged.


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