I am using Moxie oil for hot flashes but it isn't working. Do you have a recommendation?

"I use the oil twice a day, one dropper full in am and pm. "

Hot flashes are due to estrogen withdrawal occurring during peri/menopause, and may continue for a few years following menopause in as many as 80% of women. For mild hot flashes, simple measures such as cooling the environment, dressing in layers, and maintaining healthy weight may be adequate. For moderate to severe hot flashes, the gold standard is hormone replacement therapy provided the patient does not have a history of breast cancer, heart disease, a venous thromboembolism, or stroke. Non-hormonal alternatives include anti-depressants and Gabapentin.

There is inadequate research to suggest that cannabis may be helpful for hot flashes, although there is anecdotal evidence that it may. Menopause and hot flashes may be associated with mood and sleep disturbances, however, for which cannabis may be beneficial.


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