I ate a Kiva chocolate and it made me feel so sick! Could the THC have caused that reaction?

"I also tend to get headaches from marijuana. Will I have a much better reaction to 100% CBD for my nausea/anxiety? If so, which vape is best? "

I am wondering what you mean by ‘feeling sick’? To me, if i have too much THC, I can actually have the opposite reaction of what I am wanting to achieve. This is called the biphasic effect – a little can go a long way to providing a good feeling and too much creates h=the wrong sensation. This is largely due to our individual tolerances, and these vary widely from person to person. If you ate 20mg this may have been too much. With edibles, if you are new the advice is to go ‘low and slow’ which is to start with 2-3 mg and wait 2 hours and see how it affects you, then take a little more. For myself, I top out at 5mg which is not much at all!

Interestingly, high THC also gives me a headache, it feels like a tight band around my forehead. High CBD vapes or flower typically make me feel great. I also get a little psychoactive kick from it, whereas most people don’t. My favorite right now is Level Blends 1:1 CBD to THC oil cartridge and I also love Bloom Farms ACDC which I think is a 3:1 CBD to THC.

CBD is known to quell anxiety and THC is great for nausea, so I think the 1:1 may be a good place to start. I am not a doctor and this is my opinion only. Best of luck to you!


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