I can’t get the case open!

"can you explain how to get the case open"

Hi there,

There should be instructions on the packaging of the DomPen to explain how to open it. Since the passing of Prop 64, all cannabis products must be packed in child-proof packaging.

There should be an area at the opening where you can pinch one corner. While holding the pinch, use your other hand to slide the package open. Once opened, your pen may be in a plastic wrap, that you can simply rip open or cut open with scissors. After you have opened the packaging, you can simply start inhaling and enjoying your DomPen!

With that said, please note the DomPen is a disposable vaporizer. This means you will be unable to open the pen and access the cartridge that contains the oil. Once you have used all the oil from the pen, you can discard it or return it to your local dispensary or delivery service for recycling.

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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