I did not get a sticker on the back of my card- and I want one. All the dispensaries ask for it.

"My ID card from HelloMD is useless when going to a dispensary. They all require the letter with the seal and tell me that I am supposed to have a seal on the back of my card. The card with the seal on it is required at each store whether you have been there or not. And provides that you have a real prescription. If I can’t use the card at a dispensary then what is the purpose of having a card? Please respond- I would like another card with a seal on it, which is what I am told the other Drs give with the prescription.

I have use the prescription in California and they require the paperwork with it not just the car loan but his work fine


The ID card is really just a convenience for your purse or wallet, after you have shown the letter of recommendation and registered with the dispensary. Under CA law, what you need to show is the doctors letter of recommendation. This is the legal document that you need.

With regards to the embossed stamp. This has no basis in law, but many dispensaries want to see it and so we do provide an embossed stamp on our doctors letter of recommendation. Of course, this is not possible on the printed-out PDF version, only the original that gets mailed to you.

There is no such thing as an embossed stamp on a card.


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