I don't feel anything

"I recently started vaping Satvia to feel better during the day with my depression. However, when I take 2 hits from my vape, while making sure to take it into my lungs, I typically don’t feel any different. Am I doing it wrong? I have only tried the Alchemy Awaken and Bloom Farms Satvia."

Vaporization can be a safe, discrete, effective method of utilizing cannabis. However it is not without its pitfalls. Devices for vaporization are of variable quality, as are the substances being vaporized. I would enlist the help of an experienced friend who should be able to tell if your inhalations are sufficient and large enough to have a medicinal effect. You may also want to try a whole plant sublingual tincture. No inhalation or devices are required. Try a few drops and wait about a half hour and apply more if needed.


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