I have a family member with stage IV pancreatic cancer with metastatic tumors in the lung

"He is using CBD for pain relief with success ,thank goodness!
What strain is best for inhibiting tumor growth?"

I’m glad to hear the patient has found some symptom relief with medicinal cannabis, and I encourage experimenting with strains and preparations with various CBD:THC ratios to discover what is most helpful. I want to assure you that there is no medical answer to your question. While cannabis appears to possess a variety of potential benefits in cancer, no actual parameters for treating cancer with medicinal cannabis have been determined through clinical science. Any recommendations you will receive regarding strains or formulas for that purpose are anecdotes, part of current folk medicine. There is much wisdom in folk medicine, and many things your grandmother told you to do turn out to be scientifically supported, once science catches up. But it’s still important to distinguish between recommendations resulting from clinical science (like taking a particular dose of penicillin for a particular infection) and those coming from other sources. Also important, however: unlike other ‘treatments,’ cannabis by itself has little or no toxicity to human physiology, removing that concern in using it. It’s good if you can keep all this in mind when researching preparations like Rick Simpson Oil and the other formulas you will hear of. I’d say for many patients, the moderation of mood or attitude they find with cannabis may be the most supportive aspect of its use in cancer, as these factors are already known to be helpful in improving patient survival in any type of cancer.


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