I have a lot of chronic pain and have had multiple back surgeries. Is OG Kush a good strain for me?

"I am not new to smoking but used to grow my own. I’m trying to find the right bud for my pain now and would like some input on this strain. "

It is difficult to recommend specific strains as each person has a very individual reaction to each strain. Additionally, if you used concentrates or edibles of a specific strain the reaction may be different as well.

OG Kush is a very popular strain that grows well in Southern California. It is considered a Hybrid, but its exact genetics are poorly described. Current lab profiles show a high THC content between 20-25% and a very low CBD content (less than 1%). It has several terpenes that exceed the CBD content and are pain relieving (Linalool and Myrcene). Myrcene also sedates and reliefs muscle spasms.

It would be a reasonable choice for back pain relief. Note the concentration of THC and start with lower doses if you are new to cannabis.


OG Kush is a high THC strain known to produce strong euphoric feelings. People report that the high comes on quickly and in a strong way. Some say it’s like a burst of energy, other say it’s like a wave calm. It’s a predominantly indica strain, which should give you more of a body high and therefore should ease physical pain. However, it’s likely best for night time or any time that you don’t have much to do as many report it being a strong strain that makes them want to relax after smoking. It may also alleviate physical pain while you’re falling asleep and help produce a restful slumber.


My approach to treating a condition such as yours is to separate out the acute pain your feel vs. the chronic condition (inflammation, chronic pain, and whatever direct issues triggered the surgeries).

Smoking or vaping is good for immediate (acute) pain relief. The bio-availability is approx. 4-6 hours and you will hopefully feel some relief. You are getting about 3-5 mg. of THC via the mode of administration. In my experience, you also should be on a tincture ( If you are smoking a lot then make it a high CBD) or edible product as well. The bio availability is longer and can work overtime and you are also consuming other cannabinoids (Delta 11 THC and, as mentioned, CBD). The edible, because it lasts longer, will also help you sleep better, allowing you to heal (I’m assuming your sleep is also disrupted because of the pain.

Topicals can also work when applied directly to the injured area and don’t have a psycho active effect.

Also, remember that a number of the effects of, say, OG Kush, come from the terpenes that are present (OG Kush has a high myrcene level, for example) in the bud. Best of luck and let us know if this information helps.


OG Kush is a great strain and there are some great answers here. I do not have much to add, but your back pain could also be helped by introducing a CBD strain, like ACDC, into the mix. A lot of back pain can be caused by inflammation, which will be helped by the CBD in the ACDC. I know a lot of users feel they need to inhale/ingest their cannabis, but do not discount topicals for your back!


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