I have a lot of pain

"i have a lot of pain, will taking a topical ratio 1:1 get me high? I’m not looking to get high I just need this pain gone. "

Topicals are a good solution when looking to avoid the ‘high’ associated with the THC in cannabis. Regardless of the ratio, topicals will not result in any psychoactivity.


Topicals should not get you high as they do not cross the epidermis into the blood. A transdermal patch could potentially affect you, but not a topical cream or balm. Topicals provide localized relief on the spot they are rubbed in. Some people experience a higher degree of relief than others and not all topicals work the same on different people. Sometimes brands will have samples or dispensaries will offer you to test one, which is nice as you can try it before you buy it! I also highly recommend that you smell the product before you buy it as some smell a lot like cannabis and others do not, it really depends on your preference. I hope this helps!


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May I suggest low impact martial arts such as tai chi and qi gong?


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your pain to which part of your body is it? or what patalogia do you have?
Is arthritis, arthrosis, varicose veins, migraines …?
Usually we control these pains for 3 to 15 days in our patients, and to regenerate tissues in osseous patalogias we complement the cannabis with, cocca flour, maca flour, aguaymanto and shark cartilage all 100% natural.
A solution of cannabis oil with a ratio of 5% works for us, and we apply it directly to the skin pain as an ointment and two sublingual drops


Hi, like you, I have been in serious pain after I broke every bone in my body. The truth is if you have been on Oxy like me (40mg several times a day on top of a 50mg Fetanyl patch) then you will need some THC in your DBD to work. I felt a slight buzz the first three days on 25mg THC and I reduced my opiates with NO withdrawal down to 10mg from 40 and got rid of patch all together. However my dad who did not use pain killers but to much IBProp. Started with 1:1 dbd for bad joint pain and it was and has worked great. On a side note he tried a 10mg edible and got really high by acciden. We both have been trying this out for two months, after getting permission from our Ward Bishop. It’s worth trying out and just start low and work your way to the amount that works for yo.


A great way to reduce pain is to reduce the cause of the pain. Most pain is caused by inflammation. Some great herbal reducers of inflammation include Turmeric for Joints, Ginger for Gut, and Hemp for total body. I would suggest a whole plant, non-extract form of hemp flowers ground down mixed with some herbs that are suitable for your type of pain. What kind of pain is it?


Topicals won’t make you high since they don’t absorb into the bloodstream. If you need serious pain relief without impairment, you might consider a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. This will contain just enough THC to make the CBD work better but will not make you loopy at all. Anything sublingual or ingested will have deeper results beyond the skin.


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