I have a lot of stress and anxiety and wonder if OG Kush may be a good strain to try for this?

"I used to smoke marijuana years ago and always liked it. Lately, I have thought it might be good to try it again as some friends tell me they use it to reduce stress. Is OG Kush considered a good strain for stress and anxiety? "

If you have never tried OG Kush, I would caution you, starting with that one. To start, I think it’s wise to take CBD cannabis to calm the stress and anxiety and to keep the CBD levels steady, then you can add OG Kush. Since OG Kush is high in THC and low in CBD, your stress may improve but you could be vulnerable to anxiety. You do not want to do a high dose of CBD close to the time you take your OG Kush or you will end up with high CBD, with high THC, potentially making you go to sleep.
OG Kush does not have a lot of negative effects, mostly it is uplifting, relaxing and can even make you happy but consider having some drops of CBD cannabis on hand so if you experience anxiety put one or two drops CBD tincture under your tongue for calming.
If your body is cannabis friendly, you could just try the OG Kush as long as you have drops of CBD available for buffering.
Good luck in your experiment and remember any bad experience will wear off in a couple hours. Once you know how your body responds to CBD as well as THC, you will be in control.


If you’re taking up cannabis again after a long break, my first advice would be to start slow no matter which strain you try – just one hit, then see how you feel. Strains vary greatly in strength and amounts of THC and CBD – figuring out what works with your body and mind is an experiment, so take note of the type of cannabis you try, how much you smoked, and the results.

OG Kush is a high THC strain known to produce euphoric feelings and is reported to reduce stress, anxiety, and help with depression. People report feelings of happiness and calm and say it produces a strong high that comes on quickly – like a rush of energy. It’s a predominantly indica strain, which should give you more of a body high and may be better for night time or any time that you don’t have much to do.

If you’d like to treat anxiety with a strain that produces a more mellow psychoactive effect, I suggest something with high CBD.

Whichever you choose, starting with a small dose is the key to a good experience. CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, so keep a CBD tincture on hand in case anxiety arises, and enjoy your experimentation!


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