I have cancer and read that cannabis oil can cure some cancers. Is that correct?

"I need a source for the oil and information on how to use."

 According to the National Cancer Institute "cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells." Specific research studies documented on the NCI FAQs include studies showing cannabinoids may protect against inflammation of the colon and may have potential in reducing the risk of colon cancer, and possibly in its treatment. A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in hepatocellular carcinoma - liver cancer - showed it killed or damaged the cancer cells.
 Delta -9-THC has been shown to have anti-tumor effects in non-small cell lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells. A laboratory study of CBD - cannabidiol- in estrogen receptor positive and negative breast cancer cells showed CBD lessened the growth, number and spread of tumors.
 A laboratory study of CBD in human glioma cells showed that along with chemotherapy, CBD may make chemotherapy more effective and increase cancer cell death without harming normal cells. Studies show CBD and delta-9-THC in combination with temozolomide made chemotherapy more effective.
 While these studies are remarkable and inspire us to challenge the frontier of bench research in cannabinoid treatment of cancer, they are considered preclinical by the NCI. That means they were performed in vitro and in animals. To date there are no large population Random Controlled Research trials in humans that prove conclusively cannabinoids kill cancer.
 There are many anecdotal reports that are difficult to dismiss. The Magazine Culture published MRI scans showing the disappearance of a brain tumor in a young woman traditional medicine had lost hope for. Her parents gave her a CBD oil without the knowledge of her doctors who then documented her remission with diagnostic imaging and clinical exams.
 In response to the question about sources of cannabinoids in oil form, I encourage you to check with the makers of Rick Simpson's oil because they have archives of patient reports of success in cancer treatment. One of the most cost effective CBD oils available across the country is a pure unadulterated CBD from industrial grade hemp that contains 250mg CBD per gram and is available at www.PlusCBDoil.com


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