I have Cancer of the Buccal Mucosa, what would you recommend in leu of smoking.

Edibles are a great long lasting mode of administration to use in lieu of smoking. They will typically last longer and have a more intense body affect as well. These are available in many potencies and I would recommend starting with just a 5mg dose until you are familiar with the results. As far as healing properties are concerned, you may also want to introduce cannabis derived CBD oils with THC as it appears people have had success treating the side effects associated with chemotherapy with concentrated oils. Some patients have had some amazing results. Be sure oils that you are using for treatment are full spectrum/whole plant oils rather then isolated cannabinoids since studies show these having a greater benefit then CBD or THC alone. See more about full spectrum cannabis extract vs CBD isolate here. https://www.cannabisreports.com/news/2015/03/09/cannabis-study-full-spectrum-cannabis-extracts-more-medically-effective-than-cbd-alone/


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