I have chronic arthitis; the dispensary near me has only lotion; is it as effective as the oil?

I assume you mean the topical oil and not the one you ingest? Every patient is different so I encourage you to try the lotion and give it a decent trial (longer than just a week). Another tip: I’ve been telling patients to pre-heat the area for 10 minutes then apply the topical (be it lotion or oil). I also tell pts to continue doing other modalties for arthritis treatment: keep the jt moving/ exercise, try interdispersing cold packs for any jt inflammation, and try omega-3 supplements 2-3000mg/ day (based on papers I’ve read coming out of arthritis treatment in Europe). The topical lotions have definitely helped many pts but I’ve also met pts where it hasn’t been as helpful so that is why we give it a trial. I hope this helps!


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