I have chronic lower back pain from surgery, freezing, cauterizing, spinal stim, epidurals.

"Presently testing for pump, implant test #1 morphine failed due to side effects. Is marijuana a possible answer? [Florida]"

I would highly encourage you to try the various types of cannabis salve. I have personally found CBD: THC in a 2:1 ratio to be very affective massaged into the spine and the muscles to the side of the spine but the first couple of times you use it you may have to wait five minutes and put a second layer on for complete relief. I also like the THCA salve but I do find it is stickier. The more you use the salve, it seems like you need it less often and it is not a permanent fix but it certainly gets you out of pain.
Bones tend to deteriorate because people do not have enough vitamin D in their system to put calcium where it belongs in the bones not in the muscles and arteries so be certain you have your vitamin D level checked but for optimal results you must see someone who knows about nutrition and kidney clearance of vitamin D. In addition you must hydrate adequately to preserve the discs or that’s another contributing factor to chronic spinal pain.


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