I have eczema and was thinking about trying a CBD made from hemp. Does this actually work?

Unfortunately, cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, but you may order hemp derived CBD if you are in states where medical cannabis has not yet been made legal.

CBD products derived from hemp plants are great for skin conditions.

When considering a topical of hemp derived CBD for eczema you would want to make sure that other components of the product are not having any negative effects on the skin condition.

There is potential for CBD to help with numerous skin conditions and we are excited to see that more reacher is on the way. Please let us know in the comments if hemp derived CBD has worked for you 🙂

Here are a couple key points;
Look for CBD topicals free of alcohols and other impurities (as long as their is no alcohol you should be okay with applying hemp derived topicals directly to the skin)
Make sure you’re buying CBD from a safe and reliable source


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