I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Barret's Esophagus, Pot's (heart condition), Reynaud's, severe migraines,

"I have so much more that goes along with this condition and I have been told that there is NOTHING that can be done to help, treat, or given to me to ease my pain. I have been to Mayo & UVA. Someone please help!"

It would depend on what state you live in, since the requirements for each state is different. In California you can go to our site, HelloMD.com and obtain a evaluation by one of our California physicians. In other states you would need to locate a physician who would be able visit in their office. In other states as well, some have very strict requirements for obtaining a recommendation.

Perry Solomon, MD

I have the same conditions you do. I just sent my paperwork in for my card. Our state genetics dr writes for it. It makes a world of difference.


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