I have horrible phantom pain & nerve pain. What can I use to help?

"I’m 3.5 months post-operative right hand amputee and I’ve also have had 6 back surgeries with hardware in my spine I need something that’s going to help with this!"

Dr. Edmunds provides an answer to another community member on phantom limb pain. He writes: "Any route of administration may be helpful, including vaporizing, oral/ingestible delivery, and topical application. Vaporizing is fast acting for a shorter duration (1-2 hours) whereas oral/ingestible medications have a longer period of time before onset (up to to 2 hours) and have a longer duration of action (up to 8 hours)." See his full answer as well as another community member’s response here: https://www.hellomd.com/answers/574d90a1b2f1d800080000ef/can-smoking-marijuana-help-with-phantom-limb-or-is-there-a-better-way-to-take-it
As well, check out the following article listing 6 marijuana strains for back pain–they include Headband, OG Kush, Skywalker OG and more. I encourage you to search in our Q&As and Articles to see what other content and answers are available that will hopefully address your situation. I wish you the best in your road to recovery.


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