I have Lupus and have multiple prescription medications, all that cause side effects, can marijuana help?

"Each prescription medicine causes another side effect which the doctor gives me another prescription for. What could marijuana do to help me if anything?"

Very likely, cannabis could be of great help to you to reduce your need for excessive western medical prescriptions. Consider using the high dose CBD tincture in a MCT oil twice daily to reduce the heavy burden of inflammatory cells. Also check your vitamin D level in blood and the kidney level since vitamin D is actually a hormone in your body and it is necessary at a healthy level to keep your immune system functioning well. Also consider the 23andMe.com test with a methylation analysis by geneticgenie.org to locate the snps in your chromosomes that may manifest as disease but with nutritional correction your genetic chart and the chromosomes are able to sidestep the defects and your health will improve. There is no reason to just accept a diagnosis without having a blueprint for wellness and taking action to remove disease before we just accept and treat a diagnosis that we may be able to cure. Good luck and keep up your pursuit for answers.


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