I have migraine headaches. What would you recommend?

Cannabis has been used to treat migraines for quite some time. I would start with a CBD rich whole plant cannabis extract in a sublingual tincture format. Experiment with different ratios and strains. Topicals can also be applied directly to the head, and vaporizers can provide immediate relief.


Migraines are treated in 2 ways: Preventing headaches from occurring and aborting headaches when they do occur.

For preventing headaches (Ignore this portion if your headaches are not frequent enough to require prevention…you can skip to the section on Aborting the headaches that Do occur):
THC is probably best known for being the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. CBD, however, is non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD can’t get you high. CBD is fantastic for daytime use in those who wish to be functional and alert without any brain fog. The higher the CBD ratio to THC, the less likely you will have unwanted psychogenic stimulation, but still benefit from the other medicinal actions of the cannabinoids. For migraine, I recommend using pure CBD oil as a preventative daily sublingual tinctures for rapid onset relief of anxiety and chronic pain due to inflammation. This gets absorbed through the blood stream and work just as fast as smoking marijuana. Pure CBD oils have a build up effect. Thus, using them daily will result in improvement after about two weeks.The cannabinoid CBD is immediately calming as well as analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating. Care By Design 18:1 CBD spray and CBD Kind drops are available in dispensary’s and collectives throughout the state. Other popular and widely available high CBD tinctures include RevividCBD, Canna Drops. CBD is also available as a long acting gel cap via Tetralabs.com and as Kindcaps Indica.

Aborting Headaches:
When migraines DO occur, I recommend a 1:1 CBD/THC as it also provides the benefits of THC (This is a 50-50% mix of CBD and THC). A pure THC substance runs the risk of increased anxiety and paranoia. A 1:1 mix will provide a synergistic effect between CBD and THC (tese compounds work well together to produce a greater effect) and will also create a euphoric effect and help to eliminate an acute pain episode. This can also be found in a tincture form.


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