I have migraines and sleep problems. What strains do you recommend?

Depending on what you have to do during the day you must adjust your medication to suite the situation you face during the day.
If you wake up with a migraine, it is early and a couple hours from the time you have to leave for work, drink a large glass of water, put CBD dominant salve on your neck to stop the muscle spasms, drink a mug of black coffee or black tea and vaporize a Jack Herer and your migraine should leave in about 10-20 min or you may repeat the process. When you have done a Sativa during the day, please be sure to do a high dose CBD at night (Like AC/DC) to bind with the THC in your body and it will make a powerful Indica and you will sleep and wake refreshed because you did high dose CBD at night and the longer you add more CBDs to your plan you will see in 1 month you are better but by 2 months you will notice a significant improvement in your health.


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