I have nephropathy in my feet, is there a produce to reduce the pain?

Hello! Cannabidiol or CBD which is derived from cannabis, can help neuropathic pain. It could be as simple as applying a topical CBD lotion or salve on the feet when you have pain. It shouldn’t cause any psychoactivity or cognitive changes. I would try using cannabis externally first and then taking an internal cannabis product if you need additional relief. Best of luck!


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alison leton

I concur with Dr. Lew in terms of trying out topical cannabis products. If there are additional problems such as sleep, you might be best served with edible products which are documented as having a longer duration of effect. The medical literature has studies examining the use of cannabis for neuropathic pain but all these studies use THC. If a CBD trial yields only so-so results, try products that have at least some THC (perhaps something with a CBD:THC ratio of 4:1 or 3:1, or even 2:1 or 1:1 ratios if you willing to try it out) as the entourage effect of using both CBD & THC on the endocannabinoid receptor (EC1) may produce a synergistic effect better than CBD or THC on their own.


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