I have never used a vaporizer before. What can you tell me about it?

"Is it similar to smoking a cigarette?"

Not really. Smoking a cigarette would be more akin to smoking a joint (except that the research does NOT bear out any connection to smoking cannabis and cancer, whereas with smoking cigarettes, there are many studies that do make that connection!).

Vaporizing requires a vaporizer device and heats the cannabis flowers, or cannabis oil, to a temperature where it releases medicated vapor, which is inhaled and exhaled. It does not require combustion (a lighter or match), which can burn some of the material. Vaporizing cannabis is less harsh on the throat and lungs than combustion. Also, terpenes (what gives everything in nature its smell and taste) of cannabis is preserved under lower heat settings, which allows the user to experience more of the taste…


Excellent question, the short answer is no. There is a key difference to keep in mind when considering either.

•Cigarettes are smoked by lighting the end with a lighter. This results in you inhaling burning plant matter, because this method creates smoke through combustion. While it may be an easy method to smoke a cigarette, the negative effects to your health can be devastating. Second hand smoke negatively effects those around the smoker as well.

•Vaporizers simply heat up enough to "boil" the THC and/or CBD from your choice of herb. This does not result in burning plant matter, however the amount of vapor can be limited depending on the quality of the marijuana strain in use. You don’t have to "ash" a vaporizer, as the coil or ceramic/glass bowl inside does not heat up enough to burn the plant matter. Rather when you open the device, you’ll find browned plant matter, which can easily be cleared.


Definitely not the same because smoking a joint or cigarette or blunt is combustion meaning whatever you are using you are setting fire to it causing other chemicals to form so you are inhaling other bad chemicals into your lungs and system not just the medicine. Vaping is like very cool air that isn’t smoke it doesn’t burn your throat or cause irritation to your throat or lungs. Whatever you are vaping you will be getting the most oUT of it because you aren’t setting fire to the material you are only baking it threw hot air that’s conduction wise vaporizers. Convection vaporizers like the Firefly 2 isn’t cooking your material as it heats up it doesn’t start to vape your material untill you start inhaling so your inhalation of air is what’s passing threw the material and going into your body so you will be receiving all the benefits out of anything you vaporize.


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