I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. What type of marijuana should I use to help?

"I can only take Tylenol which isn’t helping."

Hello, The current treatments for spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis are generally pain management and surgery. Pain management can include counseling, physical therapy and/or pain medications. "Medical marijuana" cannot replace counseling, physical therapy or surgery if it is indicated in a person with spinal stenosis. However, it can replace, complement and/or act as a pain medication for individuals with chronic pain from spinal stenosis. Research also indicates that it may help relieve addiction to opiates in individuals who have been prescribed addictive medications for a long period due to chronic pain. Medical marijuana is showing to be a great option for chronic pain in some sufferers. Like all pain medications, its efficacy will depend on the tolerance of the individual and the appearance of negative side effects. Nonetheless, it is working well for most individuals in clinical and pre-clinical trials. It is proving to be a reliever of nerve pain, which is precisely what spinal stenosis sufferers need!


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