I have plantar fasciitis and I have heard that tumeric may help me. Is marijuana something that could help?

Cannabis may help Plantar Fascilitis by relieveing the pain associated with it. I would first try a THC transdermal cream for quick pain relief applied directly to the place that causes the most discomfort. Also, holding the foot in a supported position such as the natural arch it should be making will also temporally relieve pain.


Having had plantar fasciitis I can say that the only thing that helped was stretching the tendon.fascia in the foot. Since it most painful in the morning when you get up, place the affected foot slightly behind you when you face a wall and place both hands on the wall. Bend your elbows so you get close to the wall, keep your foot flat on the floor and you will feel the stretch of the tendon while you do "push-ups" on the wall. Do it several times a day. You can also place a tennis ball or other rounded object under your foot and roll it over the tendon to loosen it up. Plantar fasciitis usually goes away at some point also by dong nothing, but it can take some time.

If you apply tumeric or any trans-dermal cream to your foot it won’t make the fasciitis worse!

Perry Solomon, MD

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