I Have a Lung Disease. Should I Vape or Nebulize CBD Oil?

“I have a lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis. Which method of consumption is better for my lungs?”

So far, I have not had a patient with pulmonary fibrosis that was willing to try vaping CBD oil. I cannot tell you to do it because it would be purely experimental but to me it makes sense that you want to reduce the inflammation. Since you can reduce inflammation by taking the CBD tinctures orally or as a spray in the mouth, I would certainly consider starting with an oral administration of CBD oil with low THC, in a tincture form to reduce the inflammation in order to reduce any lung reaction when you start to vape the medicine. If you do try to vape the medicine, start with very little puffs and slowly increase your dosing, not the puff size.

Please, let us know how your body and lungs respond to this if you are willing to be experimental and try the vape with your pulmonary problems. Vaping CBD oil is unlikely to carry significant risks but it may help stop the inflammation causing the fibrosis but you must be aware this is not a recommended treatment, it is totally experimental meaning you must do this on your own. Please, talk with your pulmonologist.

Most of the information I can find is in regards to asthmatics smoking THC but your problem is not asthma and THC may help with bronchospasm and helps with increased bronchodilatation and modestly improved respiratory function, smoking contains noxious gases that irritate and damage the respiratory system so do not smoke your cannabis.

CBD oil without THC may not be as effective since the CBD reduces inflammation and the THC as stated above would also provide some benefits.

Good luck with this disease, it is a difficult one to treat but again, if you should decide to try cannabis please, let us know how you are doing since we are all interested in helping you be successful in restoring your health and quality to your life in spite of this disease.


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