I have really bad seasonal allergies and want to use something natural to help.

"Could marijuana help? If so, any specific things I should look for?"

This is a very simple question but it requires a very complex answer. Using high CBD, low THC cannabis regularly, twice a day will reduce the inflammatory load in your body over approximately
2 1/2 to 3 weeks time period what that may not be enough.
You must chew your food thoroughly so you mix your saliva with your food because your saliva contains secretory IgA and will coat your food so your body things the food is part of you and will stop over reacting. Eliminate all congestion foods like milk and cheese and for many people wheat and soy as well because food sensitivities increase the reaction in your body to seasonal allergies.
It is necessary when you come in from outside, during high allergy season, that you shower to remove all pollens from your hair, eyebrows, nostrils and skin. Consider changing your pillowcase every night before you go to bed and even consider renting an air filtration system to remove pollens, dust mites and dander from your environment.
There are many natural remedies you can use to reduce your response to pollens and allergens like stinging metal or ingesting 1 teaspoon of local, raw honey to act like an immunization against the allergies.
Our animals do carry in pollens on their coat so it’s wise to brush your animals before they come in the house.
HEPA filters do work to filter the air adequately so try to set up a "safe room" in your house where you can spend time and be allergy free.
These are just a few of the simple things you can do to reduce your reaction to allergens but hopefully I’m given you enough things to think about, you can start cleaning up your own environment.
If all these suggestions do not produce adequate resolution you could always consider moving closer to the ocean because the breezes that come off the ocean do not contain the heavy pollen unload.
Good luck, keep working at this and you will find what works for you and I have 45 years experience and lots of tricks up my sleeve to help you if you need further help.


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