I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and my husband has severe neuropathy. Can cannabis help?

"it is effecting our life. We know nothing about this product but need a rub that will relieve our pain. I understand that there are different make ups and some smell. Could you please advise us. We do not want the smelly ones…."

There are many, many topicals to choose from in the market today. And from what I can tell, people respond differently to many of them. I have tried many, and have had good success with a couple: Flower Power & Apothecanna. Both are available in California. And neither of them are terribly smelly in my opinion.

I also have colleagues who really like the effects of one called Sweet Releaf.

You may need to try more than one. Best of luck.


** In my caregiving experience, the best pain relief is with both a sublingual tincture as well as a topical. Internal and external application. An all organic sublingual CBD tincture and a THC/CBD topical is what i’d recommend.
A sublingual CBD tincture is great for daily *preventive and reparative treatment.CBD helps the problem in its external manifestation; being inflammation and neurology. CBD will attach to your pain receptors and help relieve the pain/ muscle spasms. THC is amazing for pain relief as well. Microdosing is the best way to stay functional and out of pain. Recommended dose for a beginning cannabis user is 5mg-10mg. try a low mg of THC mid-afternoon and/or early evening. (after a meal.)

Emu oil has the ability to break the skin barrier, which makes the medicine much more effective. Try it! If you need any suggestions on tinctures, please feel free to reach out. Let me know where u are in the country and i’ll be sure and suggest something in your area. * Blessings *


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