I have sciatic-ish nerve pain. Can medical marijuana help?

"I had a fall 10 months ago and have had sciatic like nerve pain that is intolerable. Can medical marijuana help? i heard that the patches are very effective."

Intolerable pain indicates something is very wrong. You may have caused and up slip of your pelvis so you may need to see someone for structural correction or you could get together with an excellent yoga practitioner who will be able to teach you to do the Lord of the Fishes Pose to drop your butt cheek to the floor on the affected side. Using cannabis salve on your low back and across the pyriformis muscle on the affected side will help the muscle stretch. The CBD cannabis will help to reduce inflammation causing the pain.


Hello. I would recommend you try some high CBD strains such as ACDC, Cannatonic, or Charlotte’s Web for nerve pain or neuropathy. I would recommend that you start with a high CBD topical formulation such as a Cream or salve that you apply on the skin at the site of pain as needed. Good luck!


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