I have severe anxiety and some angry outbursts. What would be the best to use but not get the high effect?

Hello there! I’ve answered questions concerning mental health in the past. I have a vested interest in these matters because my past pain management/sports medicine/rehab training emphasized the importance of working on pt’s mental states to help w/ pain states. In addition, I’ve mentioned before but I have loved ones battling issues ranging from Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorder, PTSD, you name it. Whenever, I here the combination of severe anxiety and angry outbursts, I get very very concerned. I know this may not make me popular on the forum, but I have to let people know. This is a VERY dangerous situation to be in; I wouldn’t even concern myself with cannabis at this point, I would get a hold of someone from mental health serviced IMMEDIATELY. Angry outbursts are a danger sign and coupled w/ anxiety, that’s even more dangerous. Please please do yourself a favor and get help and let us know how you’re doing alright? But I would avoid cannabis right now, avoid caffeine and other stimulants; I would even avoid prescription meds for anxiety that are prescribed for someone else. Do NOT dab right now. Or you can avoid these pieces of advice at your own peril. This choice is yours.


Hi @Jmb83 – I think Dr. Park is suggesting that rather than pharmacologic therapy, you might need to see a therapist who can take you through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. I also deal with high anxiety and angry outbursts, and CBT along with daily meditation are supremely helpful. There is an app called "Calm" that the guys and I here in the office use for about $5/mo. Another great meditation option is the Chopra Center Meditation. The only thing I’d say differently is that I am a huge proponent of high-CBD products for this exact scenario. My best experiences have been with AC/DC and Banana Smoothie. When something triggers an attack, my vape pen is like a rescue inhaler!

Nick DeJesus

You’re going to want to go with strains that are high in CBD but low in THC. CBD will give the health benefits without the "high effect." We carry a great strain of flower called Harlequin that is high in CBD but low in THC.


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