i have some moxeys mints 25:1 (500 CBD &20 mg THC) will I get a high from one. I want for pain only, do not want to experience any kind of high.


Hi there,

If you have any products that are 25 CBD to 1 THC, you will not experience any psychoactive high. 25:1 CBD:THC is a great ratio if you’re only interested in pain relief, but find that pure CBD is less effective. The THC offers a little boost to help the CBD work better.

Here is an article with more information on selecting the best ratio for you: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/5d657c693943623507a69e7a/quick-guide-to-finding-your-ideal-cbd-to-thc-ratio

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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