I have the Firefly 2 and am new to vapes. I seem to be having trouble getting sufficient vapor out. Any suggestions?

Best way to get vapor production is make sure the mouthpiece is correctly inserted and the lid is closed properly creating the seal. Then you wanna hold the button the whole time while inhaling as slow as possible luke sipping tea threw a thin straw until it doesnt light up anymore which is about 20 to 30 seconds. If this doesn’t help here’s a link to my tips video on how to constantly get vapor production. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uaMGFI_Pldo. I truely hope this helped you out .


Make sure there is no debris between the lid and the base and that the seal is tight and the lid is on straight. Second, make sure you didn’t pack it too tightly or too loosely….it can be finicky. Lastly, longer draws will give you better vapor – I usually go until the light turns off….


I don’t like taking draws longer than ten seconds so I would suggest one of 2 things. First use your vape in a low lit room and turn on a flashlight. Then blowout towards the light.trust me you will see vapor! Second suggestion–crank up your heat setting to the next higher setting/the beauty of the firefly2 is great because even if you raise the heat the vapor remains cool to the throat and will be even thicker!


Long slow draws at a pace where you are inhaling with a nice consistent inhale using about 20% of your inhaling power. After about 12 seconds increase this speed to about the same as pulling on a joint after twenty seconds exhale and you will see clouds.


Don’t expect to see clouds like with some vapes. I have had trouble with mine and I’m not new.
Make sure you judge this by "effects" rather than what you see.


take really slow draws. If your using really dried out material you might not get much vapor, or even have much taiste, but the strength will be there. I prefer it that way. A large amount of vapor doesnt always mean better results as far as strength and more importantly less is easier on the throat. Large vapor clouds are overated. You should never be coughing when vaping. If you are , more and likely, your using too much heat .


Please check this video we just created to help with vapor production questions. Firefly2 is different than other vaporizers, but different does not mean difficult. Our co-creater, Mark Williams, has some simple tips for you on this video;


Getting the most vapor out of the Firefly is all about packing the bowl and inhaling correctly. You want to pack it with a coarse grind so that air can flow around your herb. Make sure the lid is completely sealed and your mouthpiece is clicked into place.

When you inhale, breathe in deeply for at least 10 full seconds. I even tell people to take "yogic" breaths. Keep in mind that your breath pulls the hot air through the heating chamber, so by inhaling deeply and forcefully, you can actually generate more vapor!


When you are using a new cartridge for your vape pen, you need to PRIME IT!! DO THIS BY TAKING 3 SMALL PUFFS ON THE PEN. Not too hard, but just enough to light up the end. After I started doing this, my pen has rarely clogged or been hard to hit


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