I have tried sublingual drops and sprays but still haven't found the right one for sleep help.

"I am looking for a cost effective product that will put me to sleep and that keeps me asleep. I have tried the CBD sublingual spray and CBN sleep tincture. They are each over a dollar a day. What about sleep strips or something that I can use after brushing my teeth so I don’t affect the product or brush it away? "

Personally, I have found that edibles are the most cost effective and effective way for me to get to sleep and stay asleep. CBD has been indicated in some research to actually keep people awake, which seems counter intuitive as it is also a relaxant. THC seems to be the most effective cannabinoid for sleep for most people, although CBN does work for people as well but usually in conjunction with THC.

The nice thing with edibles is that you can eat it an hour before bed perhaps right after dinner and then brush your teeth and then get ready for a peaceful slumber. Edibles are metabolized by liver and also offer longer lasting effects. The typical edible will last for 4-6 hours depending on the dose.

My favorite edibles in California are Kiva terra bites, Satori chocolates and Auntie Dolores. Many people claim that 10mg is right for them, but I never go above 5mg. It is often an effort with trial and error to see what works for you and everyone is unique.

I hope this helps!


Absolute Extracts Sleepy Time Spray is an excellent product to try for some nighttime insomnia. A relative of mine swears by it as well.

I also find that sensei chew’s Insonmia bites (with melatonin) are very effective for catching some zzzs when your brain refuses to comply.


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