I hear a lot of debate about consuming cannabis grown indoors versus outdoors.

"What is the simplest way the understand the difference?"

This is a very complex question, but I’ll try to be concise… There are two basic schools of thought on cultivating plants; chemical or biological. Outdoor cannabis farmers tend to embrace a biologically intensive system, where indoor farmers tend to keep a sterile environment, as free of microbiology as possible, and embrace a more chemistry-oriented approach. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, but indoor cannabis always has a slightly cleaner more vibrant aesthetic, mainly because it hasn’t been subjected to the harsh forces of nature. That being said, outdoor cannabis farming is infinitely more sustainable and tends to require less pest/fungicide use, leading to a safer more enjoyable product. For me, indoor is more about form, and outdoor is more about function, but I’ve grown some pretty amazing looking cannabis under the sun. I’ll always be a sungrown guy, indoor is just a bit unnatural for me…


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