I heard on the radio today that voting 'Yes' for Prop 64 is like a vote for Big Tobacco?

"This interview was the former drug policy director for Obama, named Kevin Sabet. He says that people are primarily for Prop 64 because it reduces incarceration and criminal penalties. His point is that this should be a prop or new regulations on its own and that Prop 64 is going to bolster the next movement of tobacco and alcohol. Thoughts on this appreciated."

Kevin Sabet has a very specific position. He does not believe in medical cannabis as a plant. He believes it should be taken over by the pharmaceutical industry and made into a :"real" medicine. He does not think people can use cannabis responsibly without becoming dependent on it. He does not think people should go to jail for pot, he thinks they should go to treatment. He is smart enough to know that the public does not buy his reefer madness anymore. So, he creates messaging he knows will scare the public: big business x tobacco/alcohol. However, there is no evidence of tobacco companies having any interest in cannabis. Nor is there evidence that cannabis consumers want big business to run their industry. Those who support Prop. 64 include social justice, public health and environmental rights organizations. The California Medical Association and the California Academy of Preventive Medicine both endorse Prop. 64.


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